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James Pearse (AA/Nosordo):
1. Andy Votel - Prog Is Not A Four-Letter Word (Delay 68)
2. Broadcast - The Future Crayons (Warp)
3. Espers - Espers II (Drag City)
4. White Magic - Dat Rosa Del Apibus (Drag City)
5. Icy Demons - Tears of a Clone (East Dev.)

Tomas Melinder (AA/Nosordo):
1. Gregg Kowalsky - Through The Cardial Window (Kranky)
2. Kama Aina - Club Kama Aina (Rumraket)
3. Tim Hecker - Harmony in Ultraviolet (Kranky)
4. The New Alchemy - Organic Universe (Ideal Recordings)
5. FF15MB in general
Johan Neij (STHLM):
1. SAFE AS MILK Festival (Haugesund, Norway) / trip of the year
2. Condou Orchestra - Alarma (Elefantkvinnan Editions) / single of the year
3. Ved - Demis Roussos Internal (Müssigganger) / EP of the year
4. Tortoise by day & Loren Connors by night / box sets of the year
5. www.sr.se/p2/kalejdoskop / radioshow of the year

Gregg Kowalsky´s (Kranky/Nosordo) Top 5 Mothers of Invention for 2006:
Damion Romero - Negative (Pacrec)
Vodka Soap - Parallel Visitation (NatureTape Limb)
Organum - Sanctus (Robot Records)
Moolah - Woe Ye Demons Possessed (EM)
Pandit Pran Nath - Raga Cycle/Palace Theatre - Paris 1972 (reissue, Sri Moonshine)

Wobbly (T6, USA):
Loscil "Plume"(Kranky)
Bird Show "Lightning Ghost"(Kranky)
Tim Hecker "Harmony In Ultraviolet"(Kranky)
Biosphere "Dropsonde"(Touch CD)
Deaf Center "Pale Ravine" (Type, CD)

P Jorgensen (DK):
under byen - af samme stof som stof (morningside records)
chris herbert - mezzotint (kranky)
stephan mathieu / janek schaefer - hidden name (cronica)
tom waits - orphans (anti)
aquarelle - of menory and momentum (remedios records)

Joseba Irazoki: 
1. Scott Walker "The Drift"
2. Carla Bozulich "Evangelista"
3. Current 93 "Black Ships at the Sky"
4. Arthur Russell "First Thought..."
5. Niobe - White Hats

Huge Hefner, Fan Zinatra Discos top of the pops:
1. The Black Keys - Magic Potion
2. The Knife - Silent Shout
3. The Coup - Pick a Bigger Weapon
4. Justin Timberlake - Future Sex / Love Sounds
5. Tom Waits - Orphans Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards

Osamu Matsumoto (Linus Records, Japan):
1. Aerial - Black Rain From The Bombing 
2. aus - Lang  
3. Helios - Eingya 
4. Herbert - Scale 
5. Subtle - For Hero For Fool 

Erik Shoster (He Can Jog):
1. Wilson Street
2. Inlets - Vestibule EP (luvsound.org/release/luv012)
3. Bowerbirds - Danger at Sea (bowerbirds.org)
4. Buffalo - Forthcoming Full Length (myspace.com/madeofoak)
5. Nmperign + Jason Lescalleet - Love Me Two Times

Johan "Klakke" Loones (ex- (k-raa-k)3):
1. Sylvester Anfang/ROT lps (and ignatz II for 2007) on (k-raa-k)3. Stunning mature albums
2. Various: Graag Traag tape: one of the best compilationtapes heard ever. Extra thumbs for Benjamin Franklin and Orphan Fairytale here. (sloow tapes)
3. Six Organs of Admittance: Sun Awakens lp only the long track on side B (drag City). An example for lots of psych out folksters what a little more force and punk can do.
4. Witcyst 10 cdr retrospective (imvated) (took me weeks to get through it but worth every second)
5. Fear Falls Burning: Carnival Of Ourselves lp. (tonefloat). Simply beautiful.
6. Telescopes: Night Terrors 7" (Trensmat). Return of feedbackmonsters with sense of melody. Welcome come-back
7. Sean Paul: Temperature 7": I'm NOT kidding, love the finishing 10 seconds going tumtumtum and that bass sequencer.
8. Tottenham/FC Bruges: Bruges chants in White Heart Lane during the second half.
9. Pietje Potent En De Snelle Rekels: Het Sex Alfabet LP (ojee). You have to see/hear to believe this
10. Astral Social Club: volumes 7,8 etc... The continuing disco/noise/punk/ambient saga from Neil Campbell. Listen Loud.
* Further more: enjoyed/rediscovered old stuff from Throbbing Gristle (irc tapes), 49 americans, Moondog, Instant Music, Splintered, Radio Vissertje

Jahbitat's beloved 6 for 6:
1. Drag City lovers (bpb, six organs, espers, joanna newsom, white magic)
2. Earth live on a winter's eve
3. J Dilla "Donuts" (stones throw)
4. Comets on Fire "Avatar" (Sub Pop)
5. Flying Lotus "1983" (Plug Research)
6. Walking through the midnite Malmö rain with Tomas and hund...

Arnau Sala (Les Aus, Ozno Kids):
1. Unchained (live @sala castelló)
2. M Ax Noi Mach - CDR (self-released)
3. Kites "Peace Trials" (Load)
4. Angeldust - CDR
5. Goodbye "Highway City" - CD (self-released)

Kristofer "Mr Youtube" Ström (Ljudbilden & Piloten):
1. My students at NEON camp-06
2. Kammerflimmer Kollektief
3. Band of Horses
4. My jar w. water & pearls
5. John Jacob Niles

Fermín Cimadevilla (www.wearepacheco.com):
1. ESG - Keep On Moving - Soul Jazz
2. Burial - Burial - Hyperdub
3. Buffalo Daughter - Euphorica - SACD Hybrid
4. Andy Stott - Merciless - Modern Love
5. Loka - Fire Shepherds - Ninja Tune

Natural 20:
1. Scott Walker - The Drift
2. Anything on Ghost Box
3. Burial - S/T
4. The Sleepy Jackson - Personality
5. Tom Verlaine - Songs And Other Things

MC / Crónica (www.cronicaelectronica.org):
1. Tod Dockstader, Aerial series, 3xCD, Sub Rosa
2. Coh, Above Air, CD, Threshold House
3. v/a, Sonic Acts XI: The Anthology of Computer Art, DVD, Sonic Acts
4. Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Leech, CD, Raster-Noton
5. Tortoise & Bonnie ?Prince? Billie, The Brave and the Bold, CD, Domino

1. Johánn Johánnsson - IBM 1401, a User's Manual
2. Mogwai - Mr. Beast
3. Chris Herbert - Mezzotint
4. Max Richter - Songs From Before
5. FAP - Malekasino Dondolo

Sebastián Litmanovich (Cineplexx):
1. BMX Bandits ­ My Chain
2. Baxter Dury ­ Floorshow
3. Katerine - Robots Apres Tout
4. Belle and sebastian - The Life Pursuit
5. Yo La Tengo ­ I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass

Brian Power:
1. Final Fantasy - He Poos Clouds
2. Burial - Burial
3. Kode 9 - Memories of the Future
4. Ricardo Villalobos - Achso
5. Jan Jelinek - Kosmischer Pitch

Martin Rühling:
1. Mastodon - Blood Mountain
2. The Gossip - Standing in the Way of Control
3. My Robotfriend - dial zero
4. ISIS - In the Abscence of Truth
5. Bohren und der Club of Gore - Geisterfaust

Sebastian Reier: 
1. J Dilla - Donuts (Stones Throw)
2. Aosuke - Monotone Spirits (Audiolith)
3. Felix Kubin - Idiotenmusik (Ultra Eczema)
4. John Hegre & Maja Ratjke - Ballads (Dekorder)
5. Augsburger Tafelconfect - Grand Theft Moped (Famous For 15MB)
R.I.P.: Repogrrll, Derek Bailey, Dilla.

Jason Christie (Adrian Recordings/Tack! Tack! Tack!):
1. Familjen - assorted tracks
House come all sorts mentalist nonsense set for 2007 release.
2. Band Of Horses - Live at Emmaboda Festival 
One of those: Ahhh moments when passing the main stage I was struck, stopped in my tracks.
3. Jose Gonzales - Live at Hammersmith Apollo, Oxford New Theatre, SomersetHouse, Emmaboda Festival
That's about 15,000 people - Now please stop. Go record new songs!
4. Henry Morgan's SoloKarriar - "One Day, One Day"
Sufficed to rotate for weeks. A palpable emotion throughout.
5. Laakso - The Finish Album
Third language for the Laakso. And they get wilder with each release. Sweden's "Babyshambles"?
Bonus: Firefox Ak - Madame,Madame!
Bitectro pop might be Ak's style. Whatever - it's 06's freshest.

Avi Roig (It's a Trap!):
1. Sonores - Elefanten (Structures Sonores)
2. Johndoe - Dřdvinkel (JHND)
3. Rome - Berlin (Cold Meat Industry)
4. C.Aarmé - Vita (Carcrash/Burning Heart)
5. Circle Six - Demo (self-released)
Go Mag (best of 2006 international albums):
1. Burial "Burial"
2. Tv On The Radio "Return to cookie mountain"
3. Cat Power "The Greatest"
4. Howe Gelb "'Sno Angel like you"
5. J Dilla "Donuts"

Nick Levine (Top 5 Swedish Pop Songs Of 2006):
1. Kleerup feat. Robyn - With Every Heartbeat (Meatboys Mix)
2. The Tough Alliance - 25 Years And Running
3. My Darling YOU! - Please Don't Talk To Me I Fall In Love Too Easily
4. The Embassy - Tell Me About Panahce
5. Swissair - Your Good Looks (Will Ruin What Could Have Been The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship)

Edward Pearse: 
Terror - Always the Hard Way
Blacklisted - The Beat Goes On
Converge - No Heroes
Hate Eternal - I, Monarch
Agoraphobic Nosebleed _ PCP Torpedo (Reissue)

Victor Sjöberg (five relevant bands, 2006):
1. America
2. Retarderat Eleverade
3. Testbild!
4. Los Angeles Negros
5. Ring Snuten

Joachim Nordwall (The Idealist) Ego Two-Zero-Zero-Sex:
1. The last iDEALFESTIVAL in Gothenburg, March.
2. The first & last iDEAL NOISE FEST in Stockholm, November.
3. The Skull Defekts in Chicago, September.
4. Alvars Orkester at Ash 13 in Norberg, July.
5. Solo in Stockholm, December.

DJ Coco (La [2] de Nitsa):
1. Herman Dune "Giant" (Source)
2. Built To Spill "You In Reverse" (Warner)
3. Mastodon "Blood Mountain" (Reprise)
4. The Thermals "The Body, The Blood, The Machine" (Sub Pop)
5. Boris "Pink" (Southern Lord)

Alex (Tetsuo Shima) live shows of 2006:
1. Gregg Kowalsky live
2. Erik Levander
3. Paco López
4. Seppuku
5. Buck 65

Daggan Stamenkovic (Klicktrack):
1. The Black Angels - Passover (album)
The best album this year. This is how it should sound my friends
2. Pascal - Förbi Fabriken (album)
The best thing that have happened to me since JAMC
3. Existensminimum - Last night my head tried to explode and i wrote everything down (album)
Utterly brilliant neo-kraut debut album by Existensminimum
4. Pet Politics - "In my Head" and "The Spring" (EPs)
Two great, now probably sold out, EPs by one of Swedens finest artists
5. Clinic - Visitations (album)
Another great album by one of my fav bands

Andrew Wedman (Tinkertoy):
1. Joanna Newsom - Ys (that voice! the orchestration!)
2. Glissandro 70: glissandro 70 (oh yessssss)
3. Alex Lukashevsky: connexions (mind bending song writer, and the rasp!)
4. Laura Barret: earth sciences (should be way bigger than she is)
5. Eric Chenaux: dull lights (fucking brilliant twisted folk)
Ale (The Belle Music):
1. Joanna Newson - "Ys"
2. Apse - "Spirit"
3. Cat Power - "the greatest"
4. Sr. Chinarro - "el mundo según"
5. Joan As Policewoman - "real life"

Johan (Labrador Records):
1. The Legends - "Facts and figurs"
2. Television Personalities - "My dark places"
3. [ingenting] - "Mycket väsen för ingenting"
4. Camera Obscura - "Let's get out of this country"
5. Irene -  "Apple bay"

Rune Kristofferson (Rune Grammofon):
1. This Heat: Out Of Cold Storage
2. Scott Walker: The Drift
3. Chicago Underground Duo: In Praise Of Shadows
4. Volcano The Bear: Classic Erasmus Fusion
5. Ĺ: Ĺ

Ruppel (Det Gamla Landet):
1. Tom Waits: Orphans (Boxed Set)
2. Bert Jansch: Black swan
3. Espers: Espers II
4. The Raconteurs: Broken Boy Soldiers
5. The Byrds: There is a season (Boxed Set).

Thomas Denver Johnson's
1. Noel Thrasher (coolest girl in the world!)
2. Bobby Baby
3. Daniel Smith
4. Dear Euphoria
5. Narwhal Invasion

Men.t.zero (Fuera de Serie!):
1. Massonix "subtracks" (skam)
2. Ochre "lemondie" (toytronic)
3. Monoceros "tales of silent night" (fueradeserie! / imaginary non
4. Belong "october lenguage " (kranky)
5. Depth Affect "john cassettes ep" (autres directions in music )

Johan Lindvall: 
1. Four tet - Ecstatic Everything (Warp)
2. Loka - Fire Shepherds (Ninja Tune)
3. Monolake _  Alaska Melting
4. Andrew Pekler - Staubgold
5. The Idealist - I Am The Fire (AA/Nosordo)