Since January 2006 the work of over a hundred different artists has been presented on the website Famous For 15mb. Started by Tomas Melinder and James Pearse of AA and Nosordo record labels and dubbed "a free monthly space for deserving artistic talent', the basic premise of the site is to showcase new and overlooked artists in a different way. Taking the format of an online magazine or catalogue, artists are allowed 15mb of 'space' in which to present their work, which may be music (mp3) or video. Visitors to the site can find musicians and audiovisual artists from many different genres and places. The work of the artists presented each month is free to download. While the content leans heavily towards the experimental and improvised ends of the musical spectrum, Famous For 15mb also features the occasional pop and rock artists, to keep the selection varied and interesting.

Summer 2006 has seen the next stage of Famous For 15mb with various live shows and presentations. In July, a capacity-crowd at the C3 Bar (CCCB) in Barcelona were treated to the audio delights of Gamebombing, Jahbitat, Morning Polaroid and Enrique Doza and the visual gifts of Argentine artist Lolo, while Bingo Shop saw one of two free-improvisation shows with Ljudbilden & Piloten. Future live events are currently being planned and will incorporate many of the videos seen on the site into the live element.

A CD + DVD edition of Famous For 15mb is also in the works.

About Famous For 15mb and How to submit your work:
The works of these chosen artists are presented as MP3 or video files and also as manageable .zip files of 15mb. We present the work of new artists each month on the 15th and will include artists from any genre, background or discipline that we consider worthy of attention from from your discerning eyes and ears. As this is not My Space, not everyone who submits gets to be featured on Famous For 15mb.

If you have a band, are an artist, have a label, DJ, director, animator or whatever and would like to submit something for our consideration, what we need from you is the following:

1. The work (songs, videos, animations) in any generally-recognised format with a total maximum size of 15mb to be sent us at info@famousfor15mb.com using one of the following delivery services: You Send It: www.yousendit.com or Dropload: www.dropload.com

2. A brief text explaining who you the artist is or what the work is about.

3. An image or you or something to illustrate your work.

That's about it. If you have any further questions, comments and/or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us: info(a)famousfor15mb.com