aa04Title: Open the Gates of Mimer
Ref: AA04
Format: CD (Thick, heavy, hand-printed cover, limited edition of 500 copies)

Open the Gates of Mimer

The Skull Defekts is a newly-formed outfit from Gothenburg, Sweden, which features ex-members of Union Carbide Productions, Kid Commando, Cortex, Anticimex and LPC. The core of the group is none other than Henrik Rylander and Joachim Nordwall (both respected solo artists in their own right). Among the countless guests and collaborations, they have worked with such contemporary legends as Norwegian noise god Lasse Marhaug and Japanese ex-CAN singer Damo Suzuki, with whom they toured Scandinavia in early 2005.

The sound of The Skull Defetks ranges from intense noise to rhythmical hypnotic sounds with heavy drones. This is meaty monotonous math rock and advanced noise experiments at its best.

This is a limited edition live document from Sweden's Norberg Festival and features Henrik Rylander, Joachim Nordwall, Thomas Ekelund and Lasse Marhaug. This is best described as a 55+ minute performance piece, which comes in hand-printed and numbered covers made by Jeff Mueller at Dexterity Press (Chicago, IL). Late 2006 will see a full-band, full-length album on AA, a split LP with Wolf Eyes and Russell Haswell for Fang Bomb and another split LP with the Providence avant rockers Made in Mexico for Phono-Statique (Australia).


"When you listen to "Open the Gates of Mimer" (which you will do shortly after reading this, I hope), you have to have your headphones on. You have to turn it up as loud as you can stand it, and then close your eyes and do nothing else until it's over. Trust me on this. You eardrums may hurt afterward, but the pain is worth it.

The only thing I can call Skull Defekts is noise, but that word just doesn't do it justice. This isn't just random raucousness, but careful placement of specific sounds that are pulled from each instrument with talent and skill. Henrik Rylander, Joachim Nordwall, Thomas Ekelund (who plays solo as Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words), and Lasse Marhaug (also in Jazkamer and DEL) are formidable musicians whose long, dark song sounds like a continuous collection of Edgar Allen Poe or Dylan Thomas: bleak, dungeonous and yet mesmerizingly appealing.

The first steps into the surreal world that Skull Defekts creates is a step into a primeval swamp. Buzzing, drawn-out, individual notes usher you deeper in. Your feet sink and stick --there is water and wet plant material up to your shins-- but you continue on. For glory or guilt, for the gods or because it is your duty, you are walking into this otherworldly place in order to die. You are followed by those who were chosen to help you, but you go willingly, strong and alone.

The swamp starts to change as you lose consciousness. You hear voices that don't come from the mouths of your friends. The trees no longer hide the distance; a wind that doesn't move anything blows through and brings you sights that you have never seen before: the future, the past, and the present in all of its forms. Then you are released as the last breath leaves you, as the channels of your heart halt forever, and your body slips noiselessly down into the muck.

You must get this album and see your own visions of the afterlife. "Open the Gates of Mimer" will make you as fearless as a person assured of their fate; like playing chess with Death, it gives you a glimpse into places that you always feared to look before, while still hanging onto you with the thin thread of knowing that you are just sitting in a comfortable chair with your headphones on too loud. It is still available, but it's a limited edition, so don't wait too long."
- Eden Hemming Rose, Foxy Digitals (USA) www.foxydigitalis.com

"The Skull Defetks are no doubt one of the most interesting bands in Scandinavia at the moment."
- Geiger (DK)

"The group generates a monolithic noisefest of incinerating feedback and raw guitar fuzz. Violent ripples and tears collide with deathly guitar stabs, conjuring apocalyptic images of charred bodies strewn across immolated landscapes. Opening rather tamely with guitar stabs puncturing the silence, the piece grows progressively noisier, especially during the last third when even hounds from Hades appear. Hellish and harrowing it may be, but it's also one of those sets you wish you could have witnessed just to see the combustible monstrosity coming to life before your eyes. Issued in a limited run of 500 copies, the disc comes packaged in a distinctive hand-printed and numbered cardboard case covered with Constructivist graphics."
- Textura (USA) www.textura.org

"A lot of the computer microsound glitch whatever musicians have their backgrounds in rock music and some even occasionally return to rock music, just for the fun of it. The Skull Defekts is such a band, consisting of Joachim Nordwall (of the Ideal label) and Henrik Rylander (who made some fame of his own), later with Eric Olofsson and Jean-Louis Huhta (of Oscid). On 'Open The Gates Of Mimer', however still a duo with the help of Lasse Marhaug and Thomas Ekelund. The Skull Defekts play a heavy, loud and slow guitar music, in which feedback plays an important role. 'Open The Gates Of Mimer' is a live recording and that's something of a pity. There is definitely a plan behind this piece of music, making it grow heavily throughout the fifty-five minutes that this piece lasts, but it seems that the Skull Defekts sometimes loose their grip on the piece, and the mighty break up of the crescendo sometimes is a bit lost. But in the end they reach whatever they want to reach, and the CD ends in complete noise mayhem (probably thanks to good ol' Marhaug). A somewhat shorter and tighter studio version would have been it's place, but this is certainly quite enjoyable too, if you like to cross the boundaries of noise and rock music. Heavy duty shit, I guess is what they say then."
- FdW, Vital Weekly 505

"..On the same label I have a CD by a band called The Skull Defekts. called 'Open the Gates of Mimer'. A massive soundscape using electric guitars and feedback. Kind of like living next to the A1 motorway. Drones, atmospheric space....It's like another soundtrack. Perhaps the sombre apocalyptic end sequence where the hero gets it big time. Open the Gates of Mimer if you want to get haunted..."
- Norman Records