The Birth of Neosordo (2010-).

Neosordo is the God-forbidden sequel to Nosordo (2002-2010, RIP). We plan to release a series of white label 12"s with interesting and exploratory sounds from Sweden and somehow-related lands from this fair planet. All releases will feature exciting one-off splits and remixes produced and released for special occasions. If you have got something you want to us to know about, drop us an email at While you are here, check out what is left of the original Nosordo back catalogue.

NSRD012 V/A "Full Pull X" 12"EP , 281 copies - SOLD OUT!
A1. Beast "Fegen"
B1. Roll the Dice "For Frode Marcus"
B2. Magic State "Equinox"

Released 2010-09-24

NSRD011 V/A "Sãu Paulo" 12"EP , 281 copies - SOLD OUT!
A1. Ljudbilden & Piloten "Domedeijla Mosse"
A2. Ljudbilden & Piloten "Ivo"
B1. Vidderna "Villfarelser"
B2. Vidderna "Utanför"
B3. Vidderna "Dubbelliv"

Released 2010-08-01áo-Paulo/release/2762809

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